New Resource: The Lion and His Men

I was excited to come across this new You-Tube channel.  I think you will be, as well!

The Lion and His Men is a new ministry by Sean Nebblett that is beginning this year. I am excited because it is for men.  I, also, believe this would be equally beneficial for older male teens, possibly 14-15yo and older, that are trying to figure out who they want to be.  (Parents, please review to see if it will be a good fit for your child at his age/maturity.)  They will get some awesome guidance in some very specific character traits that can “shine” in men.

So, please check it out.  You can click the logo image above to find the channel, and check out the embedded video below.

Thanks, Sean!  We want to encourage you with this new ministry!  May God guide and direct you with each new episode you produce!


A Lesson In Making The Bed

I make my bed every morning. No big deal.  Takes me less than two minutes to do it correctly. (I timed myself once!)  But today, I did not want to do it.  I don’t know why.  I just threw the blankets across the bed haphazardly and began to walk away…

Until I remembered the three young lives I’m responsible for today.  And the prayer from morning worship about being a witness for Christ in all our words and actions.  And the expectation that my children to do their best at their morning chores the first time.  I remembered my first work.  It took less than two minutes for me to feel 1000% better about my day.

Parents, do you ask what your work is? It is to take up your home responsibilities, doing the best you can, and seeking daily, hourly, to set before your children an example worthy of imitation. God’s purpose for your children is that they shall be sanctified through the truth, and to reach this condition, all the help that you and heavenly agencies can supply will be needed. “  The Signs of the Times – Nov. 14, 1911

Reflecting His Image ~ A Nine Week Study for High Schoolers

Reflecting His Image: A  Practical Application to Christian Living,  shared in the Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletin, was written for an academy classroom setting  but can be easily adapted for a homeschool setting.  The objectives of this nine-week study for high schoolers include learning methods of effective witnessing and living a life completely surrendered to God .  The link below will take you to the main page with the free unit lesson plan and supplementary materials.

Reflecting His Image: A  Practical Application to Christian Living 

Christ Our Savior – Free Audio & Text Versions

 It has always been important in our home  that we cover the life of Christ in our homeschool Bible studies/family worship as often as possible.  Copy of cos
Right now, for the benefit of my youngest, we are listening to an audio version of  Christ Our Savior by E.G. White.    It is the children’s version of The Desire of Ages.   If you would rather read the book aloud, the text is available also.  Both audio and text versions are free.

Lessons of Daily Living

 It’s easy to forget life skill lessons when we are busy considering what mathematics curriculum to use or how to improve a child’s reading comprehension.   The lessons of daily living- cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard-care-  also teach important skills and help develop  positive character traits.   What life skill lessons are you intentionally teaching your children this year?chores11           Adventurer Club honors can add a little fun to those life skill lessons – Click here -> Household Arts.

Motivation Monday

Praying“In arousing and strengthening a love for Bible study, much depends on the use of the hour of worship. The hours of morning and evening worship should be the sweetest and most helpful of the day. Let it be understood that into these hours no troubled, unkind thoughts are to intrude; that parents and children assemble to meet with Jesus, and to invite into the home the presence of holy angels. Let the services be brief and full of life, adapted to the occasion, and varied from time to time. Let all join in the Bible reading, and learn and often repeat God’s law. It will add to the interest of the children if they are sometimes permitted to select the reading. Question them upon it, and let them ask questions. Mention anything that will serve to illustrate its meaning. When the service is not thus made too lengthy, let the little ones take part in prayer, and let them join in song, if it be but a single verse.”

Messages to Young People, 341

Our Most Important Homeschool Lessons

The  first textbook to be used for the education of our children is the Bible. Daily we are to use the Bible to lead our children to Christ. We are to begin with short, simple, easy to understand lessons.

“In these simple stories may be made plain the great principles of the law of God.” Education, 185.

Our goal is to direct to our children the commandments of God as standard for living, and to teach them to use the Bible as a guide for life. As we use the Bible to introduce our children to God, they will be introduced to His character and their own characters will be influenced as a result.

bibleHow should we teach our children? There is no reason for Bible study time to be dull and boring.  The pen of inspiration gives us guidance in creative ways to teach Bible lessons to our children.

“ The use of object lessons, blackboards, maps, and pictures, will be an aid in explaining these lessons, and fixing them in the memory. Parents and teachers should constantly seek for improved methods. The teaching of the Bible should have our freshest thought, our best methods, and our most earnest effort.” Education, 186.

That means that we should take some time to really think about teaching the Bible to our children.  Put some serious lesson planning effort into it!  What resources do you already have?  What could you do to make Bible study time more productive and interesting for your family?

Let us renew our commitment to consistently present to our children the most important lessons they will ever learn.

Come, ye children, hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LORD.” Ps. 34:11