True Education

Sometimes you’ve heard that term… “True Education” and wondered what it all meant, maybe that it was some secret that is just too hard to understand.  Maybe you felt ignorant and didn’t want to ask.  We encourage you to study further as you have time, but we realize that a peek through the window is sometimes encouraging to help you wade through the many facets of True Education.

As Seventh-day Adventists, many of us know we have been given much counsel on education.  The amount of counsel is sometimes overwhelming to digest and to comprehend and put into practice. Hearing that you just need to read the book Education or follow the course Ten Principles of True Education can be very overwhelming to a family that is feeling the need to do something better, but they don’t know what, don’t know how, and find wading through every suggestion to be utterly and completely exhausting!

This page is here to help you understand a glimpse of what you will find as you continue to study about education and hopefully it will encourage you to continue in study, to grow and learn, right along with your children.  We share a starting place with you.  Maybe you already do parts of True Education and you don’t know it… reinforcing that will help you feel confident to move forward and keep studying!

True education is the preparation of the physical, mental, and moral powers for the performance of every duty; it is the training of body, mind, and soul for divine service. This is the education that will endure unto eternal life.  {COL 330.3}

This is a great quote, right?  This gives us a peek into true education.

The next question we have is how do we do that? To answer that, we will give some short glimpses of the parts of True Education and some references that you can dig into further for more clarification. We will also share some resources that others have created to help make True Education more understandable and more doable for different circumstances.   So, here we go…


  • Family Worship (A family that prays together, worships together, and comes to God together.)
  • Nature Study (Nature is God’s second book and you will learn much by studying nature.)
  • Missionary Training (Service, outward ministry from your home and church)
  • Bible Study/Memorization
  • Character Training/Development (dealing with the character is as important or more important than finishing the math lesson that day!)
  • Gaining Practical Skills/Hands-on Learning
  • Study Habits (appropriate materials/topics to focus our minds on, expectations from study, training of our mind)
  • Order in the Home
  • Delayed book work (not delayed learning) for younger children
  • Adjusting to the child’s needs and the family’s needs
  • Developing a relationship with our Lord/religious experience
  • Improving our God-given Talents
  • Health
  • Learning (knowledge) so we can impart knowledge
  • Love


  • Selfish Ambition (being so focused on an educational goal as to miss so many other things like character traits, work ethic, a godly example, etc.)
  • Selfish Rivalry (do you or your child live to win a race, an argument, a game, be able to say… my child is the best ________)
  • Leisure moments in idleness
  • Content with lazy, undisciplined minds, dull thoughts, and loose memories (Don’t allow the “that’s close enough” excuse too often)



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