Legal Defense Organizations

Should I Join a Legal Defense Organization?

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of pioneer homeschooling families and organizations, homeschoolers today are able to educate their children at home in relative freedom compared to the early days of home education. As a result, many families feel that they don’t need to join a legal defense fund because they are operating within the law. There are many proactive things you can do, such as staying up-to-date on legal issues through a legislatively active state association, networking through local homeschooling groups, and knowing the laws in your state/country so you are aware of your legal rights.

However, each family’s situation is different and only you can decide if joining a legal defense organization is a something that would be of benefit to you. Listed below are some of these groups. Please read their “fine print” carefully before you decide which, if any, you want to join.

Legal Defense Organizations for Homeschooling Families*

Association of HomeSchool Attorneys –
California Home Educators Legal Defense –
(For families in California, only.)

Homeschool Legal Advantage –

Homeschool Legal Defense Association –

Home School Legal Facts and Forms –
National Home Education Legal Defense –
Pacific Justice Institute – (Not specific to homeschooling.)

*Inclusion of an organization on this list does not indicate an endorsement of any particular group by The Adventist Home Educator.