Appreciation Goes a Long Ways

Nothing tends more to promote health of body and soul than does a spirit of gratitude and praise.”  (MH)

There is nothing quite like a courteous, thankful Christian.  Someone not so famous likes to say to her children: “Never miss an opportunity to say thank you!”  In our busy society and in many lines of work people are extremely quick to complain and to let us know every problem and perceived wrong.  People are much slower to appreciate the positive and this needs to change.  Start to look for things that you can thank other people for.  

One of my very favorite little GLOW packs to carry around is this one.  The tag now generically says, “Thank you for your commit”MINT” to serving your community.”  We also insert a mint and a GLOW tract.  Keep some in your car.  Keep them in your purse or bag.  You can pass these out anywhere!  A grocery clerk who helps you, the bank teller, the pool instructor, the dry cleaning attendant, the mail carrier, any store, or basically anyone who serves you anywhere!  99% of people give a genuine thank you for being thanked.  One swimming instructor was moved with emotion at receiving this small gesture.  With a big smile and hug, she said, “Thank you.  No one ever appreciates me!”  There is always someone to appreciate.  Just look for them!  Incidentally, people love the Andes mint as well!  

In January of 2016, my mom and I had an opportunity to appreciate a lot of hospital staff.  My mom had surgery and before it even happened she asked me if we could make some bags to take back afterwards to say thank you to the people who would help her during her hospital stay.  With this in mind, during her stay we wrote down the names of the surgeons, the PA, the CNAs, the nurses…  My mom was a nurse for many, many years so she wanted to let them know that their care and hard work did not go unnoticed or unappreciated!  We gathered various snack and personal supplies, such as granola bars, crackers, gum, candy bars, chapstick, hand sanitizer, etc, and then put them into bags with medical looking thank you papers on the outside.  We always include a GLOW tract and we added a tag with the person’s name that said, “Thank you for your excellent patient care during our stay!”  When we took these up to the nurses station on the hospital floor that we had stayed on, the nurses were amazed and very grateful for this thoughtful gesture.  This type of thing can easily be done for nursing home workers, secretaries, office workers, garbage collectors, staff at your doctor, dentist, or chiropractor’s office, and a variety of other people.  Just think about those who make a difference in your life on daily basis, even in the small things.  

Saying thank you seems like such a small things but it can leave a lasting impression of happiness for the recipient.  

Thanks, Amy, for another great post! This was post 5 of 6. Come back next Wednesday for another post from Amy on service.

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