Character Development

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right…Fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

Ephesians 6:1,4

“Parents, make every effort in your power to place your children in the most favorable situation for forming the character that God wants them to form. Use every spiritual sinew and muscle in the effort to save your little flock.”

Counsels to Teachers, p. 156

Adventist Materials and Resources

Bible Stories, Arthur S, Maxwell (ABC)

Nearly 200 colorful, exciting, and true stories are included in these five volumes. Each character-building story is written in an easy-to-read manner and the colorful illustrations hold the attention even of the child who cannot yet read. Also available: a 3-volume set called Uncle Arthur’s Storytime, with an “Exploring the Story” section following each story, with parent/child activities, and a “Story Guide” and “How-to” section with suggestions on developing the positive character traits in your child.

Grandma’s Stories, Bonnie K. Tillman,

(Paloma Chalker, P. O. Box 557, Collegedale, TN 37315) $30

A collection of stories about the lives of Ellen and James White and the background of the Adventist church.

Parenting Your Child by the Spirit,

Sally Hohnberger (ABC) $19.99

How you can be God’s instrument in re-creating your child’s character ages 5-12.

Pilgrims Progress

Adventist homeschool dad, Jim Pappas,

P. O. Box 420, Dobbins, CA 95935. $69 each.

Amplified, unabridged, audio version. Part 1 Christian and Part 2 Christiana.

Schoolhouse Gang Character Books

(The Moore Academy)

By Raymond & Dorothy Moore, members of the Schoolhouse Gang make choices that help children set standards for their own lives. Titles are:

  • Guess Who Took the Battered-up Bike,
  • Oh, No! Miss Dent Is Coming to Dinner,
  • Quit? Not Me!

Train up a Child

(American Cassette Ministries) Approximately $40.

Audio tapes by a Adventist homeschool father, Steven Wallace. Strong Spirit of Prophecy emphasis.

“One of the first lessons a child needs to learn is the lesson of obedience. Before he is old enough to reason, he may be taught to obey.”

Education, page 287

Other Christian/secular materials

Don’t Make Me Count to Three, Ginger Plowman (Timberdoodle)

“A mom’s look at heart-oriented discipline.” Sensible tips to address heart problems, practical application of scripture, goes beyond behavior to what is in the child’s heart. Giving Biblical reproof, Biblical use of the rod, reaching your child’s heart. Included – “Wise Words for Mom” at-a-glance chart for appropriate Bible verses for reproof and encouragement. $12.