Reflecting His Image ~ A Nine Week Study for High Schoolers

Reflecting His Image: A  Practical Application to Christian Living,  shared in the Atlantic Union Conference Teacher Bulletin, was written for an academy classroom setting  but can be easily adapted for a homeschool setting.  The objectives of this nine-week study for high schoolers include learning methods of effective witnessing and living a life completely surrendered to God .  The link below will take you to the main page with the free unit lesson plan and supplementary materials.

Reflecting His Image: A  Practical Application to Christian Living 

Thinking About High School ~Bible~

Graduation cap and textbooks


Thinking about high school Bible curriculum? Things to consider as you make your choices: Does your child have a clear understanding of the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church? Has your child ever read extended portions of the Bible? Has your child ever read a Spirit of Prophecy book?Does your student want to study alone or with you or even the pastor? If your student has not yet developed the habit of a personal devotional time, then you have both a starting point and goal for a Bible curriculum. Otherwise, start with an end goal in mind and discuss with your high schooler ways to accomplish that goal. Since most high schoolers are at the point of independent study, your primary responsibility will be to provide your student with the materials that fit his learning style.

Suggestions for study:
*Use a Bible reading plan to read through the Bible in a year or two.
*Read or listen through the Conflict of the Ages series (original/study guides) (modern English)
*Pair Bible reading with Conflict of the Ages series with Encounter study series(scroll down to bottom of page)
*Complete a Bible marking plan, either themed or doctrinal-based
*Read a how-to-study-the-Bible book (podcast)
*Take a dual-enrollment Bible class online from an SDA college/university(Southern) (Andrews)
*Work with pastor or bible worker in giving Bible studies to others