A Lesson In Making The Bed

I make my bed every morning. No big deal.  Takes me less than two minutes to do it correctly. (I timed myself once!)  But today, I did not want to do it.  I don’t know why.  I just threw the blankets across the bed haphazardly and began to walk away…


Until I remembered the three young lives I’m responsible for today.  And the prayer from morning worship about being a witness for Christ in all our words and actions.  And the expectation that my children to do their best at their morning chores the first time.  I remembered my first work.  It took less than two minutes for me to feel 1000% better about my day.

Parents, do you ask what your work is? It is to take up your home responsibilities, doing the best you can, and seeking daily, hourly, to set before your children an example worthy of imitation. God’s purpose for your children is that they shall be sanctified through the truth, and to reach this condition, all the help that you and heavenly agencies can supply will be needed. “  The Signs of the Times – Nov. 14, 1911

Motivation Monday

“In his work as a public teacher, Christ never lost sight of the children. When wearied with the bustle and confusion of the crowded city, tired of contact with crafty and hypocritical men, his spirit found rest and peace in the society of innocent little children. His presence never repelled them, His large heart of love could comprehend their trials and necessities, and find happiness in their simple joys,Jesus and the children and he took them in his arms and blessed them.

In these children who were brought in contact with him, Jesus saw the future men and women who should be heirs of his grace and subjects of his kingdom, and some of whom would become martyrs for his name’s sake. He knew that these children would listen to him and accept him as their Redeemer far more readily than would the grown people, many of whom were worldly wise and hard-hearted. In his teaching he came down to their level. Although he was the Majesty of heaven, he did not disdain to answer their questions, and simplify his important lessons to meet their childish understanding. He planted in their expanding minds the seeds of truth, which in after years would spring up, and bear fruit unto eternal life.

Parents and teachers, Jesus is still saying, “Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not.” They are the most susceptible to the teachings of Christianity; their hearts are open to influences of piety and virtue, and strong to retain the impressions received.”

Special Testimonies On Education, Page 66