Planning and Scheduling

On this page… Planners, Scope and Sequences

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Are you looking for ideas for planners?  We lists some of our member’s favorites here.  Check them out and see if they work for you!

A Simple Plan – from Mardel

The Happy Planner

Homeschool Forms from Free Homeschool Resources

Teacher Planning and Organization Forms

The Well-Planned Day Homeschool Planner and Student Planners – good for multiple children


Scope and Sequences

Not all children fit into a “list” of requirements.  However, we feel that knowing what the scope and sequences of various curriculum, help us discern whether our expectations are appropriate or inappropriate.   They also help us see where we’ve been and what we need to tackle next.  We do not suggest that you follow these to a “t”, but rather look to see whether your choices for your child are age appropriate, especially in the skill subjects.   As with all planning, take all your ideas to the Lord in prayer and may He direct you as to whether you should follow or be guided by the suggestions that are shared in various places.  You will see below that there are many options for learning, and that shows that we have many options ourselves to choose something completely different if God is leading us in that direction!

A Beka Scope and Sequence

Christian Light Publications Scope and Sequence

World Book Scope and Sequence

*Moore Formula Manual

*Weaver Skills Evaluation

* The Three R’s – an excellent book full of ideas for K-3 * What Your Child Needs to Know When: According to the Bible, According to the State: with Evaluation Check Lists for Grades K-8