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When I was a child I attended Pensacola Christian Academy, a private Christian School well-known for the A Beka curriculum. One thing I remember most about school is the scripture memorization. We would learn large passages of scripture and then individually stand in front of the class and recite them.

This planted a love in my heart for God’s Word. When I began homeschooling my children, I knew that I wanted to instill in them the same love for God’s Word.   I wanted to create a habit of learning scriptures and reviewing them so they would be retained.

I came across the Charlotte Mason Method of teaching scripture. In this method, scriptures are added and reviewed every day, then every other day and then once a month. I know that it is working for my family because my children beg to “do the scripture memory box”!

You can view how to set up the box HERE.  The box that we use to hold our cards can be found HERE. We use our box in the morning before breakfast during our family worship time. It literally only takes a few minutes and it’s small enough to pack up and take on any trip.

My children are ages 12 (13 next month) and 8.  We memorize longer passages such as the ten commandments and the 23rd Psalm as well as short verses such as Genesis 1:1.  Our home school curriculum includes several verses to memorize for each lesson, and I also choose verses that God may impress on my heart during my morning worship.  Once my children seemed to be having a rough time getting along and so we chose Romans 12:18.  “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

When reviewing the verses we have already memorized, I give only the scripture reference and the children recite the verse.  For my 8 year old, I may have to give the first word or two of the verse to help jog his memory.

6 thoughts on “Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System –

  1. I would love to do this but the info on the site doesnt pull up. Can someone tell me where to go to find how to start this up? Thanks Norma J


  2. This seems great! has anyone used it with younger children say ages 6 and 4? Also I noticed that the tabs on the cards are color coded is this just for the days of the week or something else. Thanks for this great post


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