SDA Health Studies Resource

If you are looking for a heath studies resource that incorporates Spirit of Prophecy, then consider Medical Missionary Kids.   Through Medical Missionary Kids, your child can learn about the 8 laws of health and their practical application with lessons in hydrotherapy, making poultices, food preparation and more.   Programming  offerings include a homeschool online course as well as mini camps for hands-on training.   You can browse the information-filled website and find the program that fits your budget.  You can also review the online course syllabus as well as find out more about the lessons taught and materials used and meet the course instructors.

The next online course begins September 3rd, with registration ending August 30th.  Visit to learn more.


Free Offer: Discovering Jesus Coloring Book

The Jesus 101 Biblical Institute  is launching its new ministry branch of resources specifically designed for children! Jesus 101 – 4 Kids has just released its first product: Discovering Jesus in the Bible is a coloring book that will take children through the Bible with Dr. Elizabeth Talbot. This is the first volume in a series of Jesus 101 coloring books published by Pacific Press that draws theological connections between the Old and New Testament in a way that is easy for children to understand, and encourages them to accept Jesus’ redemption on their behalf.


To get this coloring book for FREE, download the Jesus 101 mobile app (on Apple or Android devices), click on “Book Offers,” and enter the offer code “#4KIDS”. You can also request the coloring book by visiting and choosing “Contact Us” to request your free coloring book today! Jesus 101 will send this promotion to you completely free of charge! (One book per household) – This code is valid until June 30, 2017.

New Curriculum Updates for SEM

SonLight Education Ministry (SEM)  has released several new items this week that are ready for free download.

For those who are not aware, SonLight Education Ministry is a sister ministry to Adventist Home Educator.  SEM offers free .pdf downloads of True Education curriculum/materials on a well-organized Google Drive page.  SEM Google Drive

Take a moment to visit the updated Released Materials page at the SEM website.

Sabbath Playlist ~ The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress  written in 1687 by John Bunyan is listed as one of the most widely-read books in the world.  Several audio versions of this story are online for listening.    AudioVerse has Jim Pappas’ The Dramatized Pilgrim’s Progress available to listeners for free. This unabridged, amplified, and richly narrated version of Bunyan’s beloved allegory will bring the timeless story to life.  Both Part 1- Christian,  and Part 2 – Christiana are featured on the site.

There is another audiobook version is available as well. The unabridged, non-dramatized reading of The Pilgrim’s Progress can also be found  on AudioVerse.







Free SDA Scripture Song Sheet Music Resource

The benefits of memorizing scripture are immeasurable.   One way to learn new verses is to sing  scripture songs. Wayne Hooper’s Sing A Bible Verse is great resource for learning new scripture songs.   Sing A Bible Verse is free printable sheet music for more than 300 original scripture songs.

If you don’t have a musician in your home, you can find the CDs for these songs at Children’s Ministry Place. The CDs are also available at AdventSource.

Sabbath Playlist: Bible-Reading Videos for Young Children

If you have young children that would like to see the Bible come alive, you will definitely like to visit They have started publishing Bible readings with slightly animated pictures to go with the readings.


There is a new website published by the same people that do