2018 Week of Prayer Materials

The 2018 Junior and Senior Youth Week of Prayer materials are available for free download on the General Conference Youth website.  Week of Prayer materials from previous years are also available.  Click the link above or the image below to go straight to the download links.


Science Tools for Science-Minded Homeschoolers

Are  STEM (science/technology/engineering/math) subjects are a favorite in your homeschool?  Do your children truly enjoy nature study? Is a child showing an interest in deeper STEM study?     If so, then you are likely looking for science tools and resources that go beyond the cheap plastic chemistry sets and play bug nets available at most toy stores.

Every homeschool family that wants to expand or extend any branch of STEM study should be on the mailing list  for the following science resource catalogs listed below.

Nasco Science

Home Science Tools

Nature’s Workshop Plus!

Carolina Biological

We love to get all four of these catalogs in the mail! My children love to mark the pages with kits or equipment that looks exciting to them.   I’ll readily admit that I’ve marked up these science catalogs as well, with all the science curriculum kits, materialsscience 3 and supplements that I’d like to use. I have ordered curriculum materials, lab equipment, microscope slides, dissections sets, etc. from these companies  and have been nothing but satisfied.

The links take you to the catalog request portion of each site, but these companies also have online catalogs as well for immediate browsing.

Both Nasco and Carolina also offer specialty catalogs for specific subject areas such as chemistry, agriculture or early learning.

Do you know of another science resource catalog that would benefit homeschool families?  Please tell us about it in the comments below.

Sabbath Playlist ~ Bible Study Notebook

This week’s playlist offering is not an audio or video resource, but a free printable.  This Bible Study Notebook contains 90+ pages of ideas with the corresponding printables to enrich your study time.   Created with Junior-Earliteen aged children in mind, it is easily adaptable for a wide range of ages and learning styles.

How about choosing a Bible story to read as you open the Sabbath each week and using the Notebook printables as a family?   Click the image or the links to see this resource.

Thank you to Laura @ At Jesus’ Feet for this wonderful free resource.


Scripture Memory Resources on Pinterest

New Scripture memory resource pins have been added on our Spiritual Guidance Pinterest Board.   Printable scripture cards, memory techniques, etc.   Take a look and see if there is something new that fits your needs.

eWeek of Prayer – November 12-18

The General Conference Youth Ministries Department will be hosting an online Week of Prayer beginning November 12th, 2017 at gcyouthministries.org    You can also view and download past Junior and Senior Youth Week of Prayer resources on the same page.

You Are What You Eat

Have you heard the old saying ‘You are what you eat’? (As a kid we used to joke around especially when a friend was eating beef or chicken, laughing “You’re a cow” or “You’re chicken!!”) Well perhaps some people will think this applies to me today because the topic of this post is nuts.

Yes, it’s true. I am nuts…for nuts that is. Cashews and almonds (great in stir-fries, sweet and savoury creams and sauces), pecans and almonds (high in Omega-3s and a yummy addition to cakes and meat-free patties), pine nuts (a complete source of amino acids and a delightful add-in for tomato-based pastas) and more. I love them. Full of calcium, iron, protein and fibre, nuts are one of the healthiest, plant-based, protein alternatives you can find. Nuts are so versitile. You can eat them raw, roasted or pan-fried. You can grind them into a meal as a gluten-free flour alternative. You can combine them with gluten flour to create a meat-free pattie. You can blend them with water and sweetener for homemade vegan milk, or prepare a delicious, dairy-free sour cream or sweet cake topping.

Best of all, Ellen White’s counsels on diet and health stress that grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables are not only nourishing and but also appetizing (see CG 384.1 & 3). Healthy and delicious! Yay 😀 Here’s my most recent Not Only Carrots cooking show episode – Raw Cashew Mayonnaise. Take a look and see just how easy it is to create dairy and egg-free mayonnaise alternatives.


And learn more about the incredible health-benefits of nuts here. https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/nuts/

~Leah Jones