Curriculum Guide

With the abundance of curriculum available to us, it is often hard to know with reading the little snippets from catalogs or websites… if a particular curriculum will work for you and your child. Also, you may wonder what the materials present from a religious standpoint. Sometimes products sound good, but are a lot more work than you realized. Purchasing items that won’t work for you can be costly.

In the Curriculum Guide, we share items that have worked well with following “true education” principles.  Items marked with hearts are items that we recommend.  Other reviews are included on other programs that have worked or not worked with other SDA homeschooling families.  We share details, when we can, that will help you see if this curriculum is going to be a good fit for you and your child.

The Curriculum Guide is free for a limited time.   Please realize this is a work in progress, new reviews are posted via the blog between editions.

Download the Curriculum Guide