Free Offer: Discovering Jesus Coloring Book

The Jesus 101 Biblical Institute  is launching its new ministry branch of resources specifically designed for children! Jesus 101 – 4 Kids has just released its first product: Discovering Jesus in the Bible is a coloring book that will take children through the Bible with Dr. Elizabeth Talbot. This is the first volume in a series of Jesus 101 coloring books published by Pacific Press that draws theological connections between the Old and New Testament in a way that is easy for children to understand, and encourages them to accept Jesus’ redemption on their behalf.


To get this coloring book for FREE, download the Jesus 101 mobile app (on Apple or Android devices), click on “Book Offers,” and enter the offer code “#4KIDS”. You can also request the coloring book by visiting and choosing “Contact Us” to request your free coloring book today! Jesus 101 will send this promotion to you completely free of charge! (One book per household) – This code is valid until June 30, 2017.

Free Online Math Manipulative Apps

Manipulatives make math more accessible for children, especially for hands-on and visual learners.   Often an abstract concept becomes more concrete for a child when they have the opportunity to build their number sense with tangible items.


These free math manipulative apps from The Math Learning Center are handy tools for a variety of math applications.  Ten different apps are available, from pattern shapes, to an interactive number line , ten frames and more. The apps are not only available for Apple/Windows and Chrome, they are also available as web apps for those not using a tablet or smartphone.  You can find the manipulatives HERE.

Apps for Adventists

Looking for apps created for Adventists? This list from the NAD Education website features 40 different apps of interest to SDAs.    Some are paid apps, but the majority of the list is free.


Many are also Android compatible.   Follow this link to browse the list Adventist Apps.  Do you know of other Adventist-specific or Adventist-friendly apps that are not listed? Tell us about those apps in a comment!

Going To General Conference? Grab the App!

The new 2015 General Conference app is designed to help everyone navigate through the amazing amount of activities and events scheduled.   The GC Session app is available both for Android and iOS, so everyone can take advantage .   We’ll share more details later about how it can even make making connections with SDA homeschooling families much easier!

Learn more about the app here:

GC app