Sabbath Playlist~ The Purpose, Privilege and Principles of Homeschooling

Considering homeschooling for the very first time?  Thinking about what homeschooling can mean for your household?  What main goal should parents be striving towards when homeschooling?  Tom and Alane Waters of Restoration International inspire and encourage in a  past talk that reminds us that Christian homeschooling is much more than just choosing curriculum.   The link below takes you to their talk hosted on Audioverse.

Click HERE for The Purpose, Privilege and Purpose of Homeschooling


Sabbath Playlist- God’s Messenger

God’s Messenger is an E.G. White Estate resource featuring 38 lessons on  topics that Adventist children face in their daily lives. Each  lesson integrates Adventist pioneer stories along with Scripture and Ellen White’s writings.  The lessons are categorized by grade level and feature mp3 audio files and printable worksheets.   These lessons would make a great extended Friday evening family worship study. 

Sabbath Playlist- Healthy Inside and Out

Here is the first of more than 25 free  two-minute audio files teaching children the 8 laws of health and encouraging healthy habits.   This sample file is on sunlight  Each of the files can be listened to online or downloaded for free. These would make a great  introduction to a weekly health theme.   You can find the rest of the files HERE  at General Conference Children’s Ministries.

eWeek of Prayer – November 12-18

The General Conference Youth Ministries Department will be hosting an online Week of Prayer beginning November 12th, 2017 at    You can also view and download past Junior and Senior Youth Week of Prayer resources on the same page.