“Full of Good Works”

Just yesterday while we were having family worship I came across what is now one of my favorite quotes.  We are reading Last Day Events, and there Mrs. White is quoted as saying, “Crowd all the good works you possibly can into this life.” —Testimonies for the Church, Vol 5, pg 488 (LDE 76).  Isn’t that fantastic?  That is what life should be about.  

Tabitha knew this principle well and it was the theme of her life.  In Acts 9:36 it says, “At Joppa there was a certain disciple named Tabitha, which is translated Dorcas.  This woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which she did.”

Tabitha, or Dorcas, was an amazing lady who was always going about doing good.  Did you hear what the Bible said about her?  Dorcas was “full” of good works and charitable deeds. This means that she (1) intentionally looked for opportunities to do good and (2) this was not an occasional thing.  She overflowed with good works. This shows us that she didn’t just do good things when the opportunity arose, but she went looking for ways to do good and to give to others and she did it all the time.

Acts of the Apostles says about her, “At Joppa, which was near Lydda, there lived a woman named Dorcas, whose good deeds had made her greatly beloved.  She was a worthy disciple of Jesus, and her life was filled with acts of kindness.  She knew who needed comfortable clothing and who needed sympathy, and she freely ministered to the poor and the sorrowful.  Her skillful fingers were more active than her tongue.”  (AA, 131)

We all know what happened to Dorcas.  Somehow she became very ill and died.  The whole community was deeply saddened by losing Dorcas.  They sent for Peter and he, through the power of God, was able to bring her back to life.

Acts of the Apostles goes on to say, ““Dorcas had been of great service to the church, and God saw fit to bring her back from the land of the enemy, that her skill and energy might be a blessing to others, and also that by this manifestation of His power the cause of Christ might be strengthened.”  (AA, 132)

In the story of Dorcas, Christ illustrates the nature of the true Christian spirit.  He shows that the truly converted heart will live a life of intentional good works, not because they are working for their salvation, but because they truly love the Lord and love their fellow man. 

There are many ways that we can be “full of good works.”  Over the course of a few blog posts, I would like to share some of the ways that my family has found to reach out to those around us. We are cultivating a lifestyle of good works!


Thanks, Amy, for the great post! We look forward to your series that will give us all lots of ideas to add service into our homes and our daily activities! This is post 1 of 6. Come back next Wednesday for the next installment!

eWeek of Prayer – November 12-18

The General Conference Youth Ministries Department will be hosting an online Week of Prayer beginning November 12th, 2017 at gcyouthministries.org    You can also view and download past Junior and Senior Youth Week of Prayer resources on the same page.

Why You Should Attend – A GYC Testimony

Thank you to AHE Mom Tami  for sharing her family’s experiences with GYC.

GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) is a conference once a year that is for a targeted age group of 18-35 in the Seventh day Adventist church. http://gycweb.org/   However, did you know a lot of families also attend as well as older folk??  It is true!!  I would encourage you to check out the GYC website and click on the ‘At the Cross’ convention box on the main page for more details on this year’s conference.  This year it will be held in Phoenix, AZ,  December 31, 2014—Jan 4, 2015.  For those of us on the west coast this is GOOD news!

When our family attended GYC for the first time 7 yrs ago my husband and I were shocked.  We had no idea that there was that many young adults (thousands of them) in the Adventist church that were wanting to do more than just go to church every week!   These kids were on fire for the Lord and we were amazed and thrilled to see this!!  We then looked at each other and said we have to go to GYC every year!  Besides hearing about what these young people are doing for the Lord, you will also have many opportunities through individual seminars speakers and evening meetings that will grow you spiritually and inspire you to be the servant the Lord wants us all to be.


The food is good and is vegan.  They provide two meals a day, breakfast and late lunch.  People that want to eat supper just go to eat at area restaurants.  There is a exhibit hall where many ministries and schools have booths.  This also gives students a opportunity to learn about several SDA colleges or academies as well as ministries.

Is there evangelism?  YES!  Half of one of the conference days there is opportunity to evangelize the city where the conference is being held.  In the past there has been health expo, door to door work, local area door to door work as well.  Last year many buses picked up conference attendees (all ages) and took them to go door to door in different communities.  Many people sign up for Bible studies….it is really amazing to hear what happens during the evangelism report that evening or the next morning in the mtg.  There no meetings for small children.  They have also had a volunteer orchestra as well as choir almost every year I believe.

We continue to attend GYC as a family vacation.  We get to see different parts of the country each year and attend a conference that continues to inspire us to grow our Christian walk with the Lord.  We hope to see each of you there this year!!  Email if you have questions:  Tami:  beatys4@hotmail.com

Pathfinder Honors as Spiritual Unit Studies

EGW honorThere are several Pathfinder honors in the Spiritual Growth, Outreach & Heritage category that would make interesting quarter or semester-long spiritual unit studies for middle to high school age students.  Some of the honors in this category include Adventurer for Christ, Bible Marking, Sanctuary and Literature Evangelism.  You can find all of these honors and more HERE.

temperance honor

Bible Labs Projects Blog: Outreach Ideas for Children


bibleLooking for ways for your homeschoolers to spread the Gospel?   Here’s a blog by an SDA homeschooling mom that shares creative ideas for Bible Lab.  Click HERE to visit the Bible Labs Projects blog.