Curriculum Review: Draw and Write Through History

Draw and Write Through History

Written by  Carylee Gressman and Illustrated by Peggy Dick


I pulled down these books to do this review and the children took off with them!  Our children LOVE these books.  This is a very engaging program.  They are filled with “fun facts,” extra challenges, and a helpful Bibliography at the end of each book for additional reference material and study.  It is designed for ages 8+, but can easily be used with younger children.  Ours have enjoyed it as young as five and six years old.  From the title, it covers three subjects, but we have used it for four.

Art-  The step by step drawing lessons are easy to follow.  Our children just pick up the books and start following along.  There are simple tips for the artistically challenged yet room for the more advanced to add lots more detail.


Handwriting-  These are the Zaner Bloser Cursive.  Each book starts with a simple review of the letters.  It would be easy to copy the handwriting assignments in print for younger children.  There are only 4-5 handwriting pages in each book, except the “Creation through Jonah,” which has 7.  I add more handwriting assignments, using some of the additional fun facts or verses from the Bible.

History-  The history lessons are simple.  They are meant to supplement another History program and could be used with any teaching approach.  They are perfect for “Story of the World” or “Mystery of History.”  We used “Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots” with “Light and the Glory for Children” by P. Marshal and “In God We Trust” by J. Ashcroft.  Our children’s favorite has been “Creation through Jonah.”  We used a pictorial History Encyclopedia and the Bible with it.  We scrap-booked that year and then entered the books in the county fair.  It was great fun!


Science-  There is also a fair bit of Science in these.  Again, the sprinkling of fun facts helps direct us to further study about God’s creation and some of man’s inventions.  The Research Ideas and Science Facts are also a big help.  The boys especially want to start building things, like catapults, sail boats, and cool armor.

This program could be used as a base for a fun year of Unit Study or they can be supplemental to a more structured curriculum.  They would also be a lot of fun for summer to keep the children busy when they are cooped up in the house on very hot days!  You can find Draw and Write Through History at

Review by Dawnita F.


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One thought on “Curriculum Review: Draw and Write Through History

  1. I recently purchased these books to use with my younger two children, ages 7 & 9, and we love them so much I wish I had used them with our older children. They are great and as stated above they are adaptable for different age levels and art abilities. We use them along with Mystery of History..another favorite.


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