Resource Review: Learning About God’s Letter to Me

My Sabbath School class is learning about the Bible as our theme program/lesson.  We are using a resource from My Bible First that would be a definite blessing for family worship, a Sabbath afternoon activity or for Sabbath School.   Learning About God’s Letter to Me is a two-part resource consisting of a spiral bound, 46 page booklet and a separate device booklet.  The 23 lessons in the booklet are 1 to 3 page stories that teach how we got the Bible, how to find things in your Bible, how the Bible is organized, etc.   The back of the booklet includes a brief summary of each book of the Bible as well as the music and lyrics for three complementary songs.   Don’t read music?  That’s okay, because you can go to the product page for God’s Letter to Me and download the MP3 music file for each song.   What a blessing!

The device folder is purchased separately.   The folded 17″ x 11″ full-color cardstock device includes two sheets of full-color illustrations to cut out and glue in the device as you read through the booklet.

My Sabbath School class is a unique group of children from ages 3 to 13, including a few with learning and developmental disabilities. A large portion of my class is new to attending Sabbath School.    I have found the language of the lesson booklet to be accessible for all of the ages in my class.  Having the device in their hands as we talk helps those who need a visual connection with what they are hearing.   I will cycle through this book again in a few years to make sure the youngest students have another chance to learn the material.


The price of the this resource is more than fair!  The spiral-bound lesson booklet is  $4.25, and the full-color device is just $1 each.   Very budget friendly for homes and Sabbath Schools.  My Bible First offers extra resources to expand on this theme, including additional question cards, illustrated Scripture songs and more.


There are several other topics available in the Learning About series. including the importance of the Sabbath, and the 10 Commandments.   You can be sure that my Sabbath School students will be going through those topics as theme lessons as well!

Curriculum Review: Messages to Young People- A Study Guide


As Seventh-day Adventist parents, we are blessed with a wealth of inspired material to aid us in helping each of our children grow in their walk with God. Ellen G. White’s Messages to Young People is an especially beloved resource for guiding our youth as they grow up into christian manhood/womanhood.

It helps to have a study guide to use along with reading the book to aid in the comprehension of this book. E.J. Dold’s  Messages to Young People- A Study Guide is an extremely helpful resource perfect for guiding a student thoughtfully through the book.

What I appreciate most about the study guide is that is not solely a list of questions requiring rote answers. There are many questions where it is appropriate to lift the answer directly from the reading. However a large percentage of the questions require the student to use higher level thinking skills for summarizing passages or making a personal application of the principle discussed. The student may also be asked to make connections with Bible characters or stories. The variety of ways the student is required to interact with the material keeps the study guide interesting.

The book Messages to Young People is divided into fifteen main sections, and the study guide organizes the questions into several smaller sub-sections for each main section, making it easy to assign manageable portions of reading for the student. Interspersed within the sections are inspirational stories and readings that further reinforce the theme of that particular sub-section.

This study guide is appropriate for personal study for a high school aged student. Upper elementary and middle school students can also benefit from this guide, but may need occasional assistance with some of the vocabulary. Taking the time to work through any unfamiliar vocabulary can easily add a cross-curricular component to the study with English/Language Arts. Some students may find the space for writing answers to be a bit small for legible responses, however that can be easily remedied by having the student complete their work on a separate sheet of paper.

Although the study guide was largely intended as a resource for individual learning, I can attest that it also works very well in a group setting. I am currently ‘teaching’ the book to a group of adults and youth as a Wednesday prayer meeting study which includes my own children. The study guide questions have generated valuable discussions among our group of both new and seasoned believers.

Currently Messages to Young People – A Study Guide is available for purchase online through the following links:

Laymen’s Ministries Resource Materials- MYP Study Guide


Amazing Facts Bookstore- MYP Study Guide

Curriculum Review: Mastering the Basic Math Facts

“Students who simply memorize math facts miss a prime opportunity to expand their understanding of equations. Problem solving is the central focus in today’s math classrooms. To be a successful problem solver, students must be able to accurately compute answers, but more than that, they must be able to figure out how to build equations that correspond to problem situations.” – Susan O’Connell and John SanGiovanni. 

My two new favorite elementary math homeschooling resources are Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction  & Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Multiplication and Division.  Both books are by Susan O’Connell and John SanGiovanni .    Two simple books jam-packed full of resources to help your student move beyond simple rote memorization and into an understanding of number relationships and how to use those relationships in math problem solving.


What I enjoy most about both books is that they move far beyond pen and pencil drill sheet practice.  In the addition and subtraction book, each chapter focuses on a specific set of addition facts.  Within the chapter you are given ways to help your student see the “big ideas” of that set of facts, activities to do to explore the facts and targeted practice work. Lots of fun games and practice work ideas are given that meet a variety of learning styles.   The addition facts are then connected to their related subtraction facts to complete the picture.  The same process is used with multiplication and division.

There is a literature link for each set of facts.  The literature link is a fun way to introduce a math concept using a picture book.  I was able to find videos of almost all of the picture books being read aloud on online.  The books are also easily found at your local library.  Mastering Basic Math Facts includes guidance in how to connect the featured literature to the facts as well as math activities based on the picture books to help your child make math connections with other ideas that they know and understand.

The VERY BEST feature of these two books is that the purchase of these books includes a link to 350+ pages of downloadable resources to accompany the book!  Each game, worksheet and literature activity mentioned is a pdf printable in English or Spanish.  The resources are organized by chapter so it is easy to print what you need for the day.  mbmfmd

Although the book is meant for a classroom setting, I have found it totally accessible for a homeschool parent.   I have worked through the Addition and Subtraction book with my student and look forward to completing the Multiplication and Division book.   The math games are fun and don’t require much effort to put them together.   The targeted practice activities were engaging, and I appreciated the higher-level thinking skills that the thought questions require.

This is a valuable book if you are looking to strengthen your student’s basic math fact skills or introducing math facts for the very first time.  If you have a hands-on learner or a very visual student, this book will help meet their needs. Parents of special needs students will the strategies included  This book also makes for great summer math practice with low prep for the parent.  The table of contents, a sample chapter and a free downloadable sample of each book is available at the publisher’s website. 







Remember the Alamo! {Homeschool Field Trip}


Wednesday, July 8th at 8:45am

Our group homeschool ‘field trip’ to the Alamo happens in LESS than a week.   Hurrah!   Meet up to the left of the main entrance at 8:45am.  Look for the SDA Homeschoolers sign.    Admission to the Alamo is free, so get ready to learn while enjoying fellowship with new SDA homeschool friends.



Cursive Bible Copywork Sheets

It’s nice to find pre-made Bible copywork sheets for handwriting practice.  Using Bible verse copywork is a wonderful way to aid in Scripture memorization.

Free Bible copywork sheets on a variety of topics.

Guesthollow features Bible copywork in four different styles, including Handwriting Without Tears.

These copywork sheets focus on Biblical character traits.


Do you know of a great Bible copywork resource?  We invite you to share a link in the comments!



Free Year-Long Bible Reading & Devotional Reading Resources

General Conference Youth Ministries Department – Morning Watch from 100 years ago! Here is a reprint of the December 1914 Morning Watch. The 1915 Morning Watch will be added a month at a time.

A free .pdf download of a youth devotional book from the General Conference Youth Min. Dept.  Identity devotional book.

Looking for a Bible Reading Plan for younger children? Here’s the Adventist Junior Youth Bible Year Plan.   It is a four -year plan that divides the Bible readings into themes by chapters, such as Prophecy, Praises and Peace.

Set the goal of reading through the Bible in 2014
Read through the Bible in 2015

Join others around the world and listen online to a daily reading of the Bible and read an accompanying devotional as part of the General Conference’s Revived By His Word program.  Click on the Today’s Reading icon.

An interesting Bible Study Plan from Sabbath School Net. Generally an OT and NT chaper assigned per day, with a Psalms every tenth day. Bible Reading Plan

Printable Day By Day with Jesus Bible Reading Guide from the General Conference Children’s Ministry Department –