Playing With Numbers on a Hundreds Chart

A hundreds chart is an excellent math tool for children.  It provides a tangible framework for a child to begin to understand the structure of our number system.   Working with a hundreds chart introduces a child to basic concepts such as counting to 10 and more complex ideas like relationships between numbers in a base 10 system.


An online interactive hundreds chart can make ‘math play’ fun.  You can add color to a chart, erase numbers to better see patterns, adjust the numbers shown and more.   Here’s a great online interactive hundreds chart that will do just that.  You can add color, use the built-in calculator,  block out numbers and more on this HUNDREDS GRID


One of the best ways to learn with a hundreds chart is to just fiddle around with it.   A child can learn so much from simply taking time to interact with the numbers in columns, rows and even diagonally.  Look for patterns while adding or subtracting, practice skip-counting, look for groupings of numbers, etc.

A visual  math learner will enjoy seeing the numbers and patterns made by using the colors and adjustment features on the math chart.  A reluctant math learner may find enjoyment in the play aspect of the interactive chart.  Give it a try!

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