Free SDA Resources to Use in Your Homeschool

Here is a list of free SDA resources that you can use/adapt to fit the needs of your homeschool program.   This is not a comprehensive list,  so look for a new list with even more resources coming soon!

Bible/Church History/SDA pioneers

God’s Messenger – Lesson plans and mp3s on SDA pioneers.

Youth Bible Reading Plan – A four year Bible reading plan for young people.

The Bible Story lesson plans Volumes 1-6 and Volumes 7-10. – From the South Pacific Division, lesson plans to accompany the “blue books” that so many of us have on our bookshelves. Download Note: the documents are large!

Planning a study of Adventist pioneers ? This gallery of drawings of Adventist pioneers will be helpful to your study. Adventist Pioneer Library has a nice page with brief biographical sketches and pictures as well. If you are also creating a time-line of church history, here’s a sample parallel timeline showing key events in US history, world history and SDA church history. Makes a great model to help your student create their own parallel time-line.

Free study guides for 22 E.G. White books.


Maranatha Volunteers International – Lots of inspiration for hands-on mission work.  Free DVDs available.

Adventist Missions– Lots of ideas and resources.  Be sure to check the past children’s quarterlies for games, puzzles and recipes.

Adventist Frontier Missions– Inspiring first-hand accounts of reaching the unreached.

CIRCLE : Browsing Adventist Missions – A page full of Adventist mission websites and resources.

Visionary for Kids – Online kids magazine issue focusing on Adventist missions.


Unit Studies

Adventurer and Pathfinder awards make great outlines for creating fun unit studies.

Adventurer Club Awards- Award requirements

Adventurer Awards Wikibook Helps for completing awards.

Pathfinder Club Honors Honors requirements

Pathfinder Honors Wikibook Helps and answers for honors


7 thoughts on “Free SDA Resources to Use in Your Homeschool

  1. This is a GREAT list Ann! Thank you so much for putting it together! I have one to add–on they have materials you can use free of charge to put on a mission program similar to a VBS program. Easy to use either for VBS or in homeschool. You can download the files immediately, then they also have a DVD that goes along with them that you can call and request. There may be a requested donation amount to cover the cost of the DVD, but it is basically free. We haven’t used the program yet, but I have it all and we are planning on doing a Mission Week in our homeschool this year.

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