4 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Rhonda-

    Just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your posting these “Rest” posts. And also, I have noticed how your photos were all (or almost all) taken by Nathan–I’m assuming your husband? Please thank him for sharing his photography–I have been truly blessed by the beautiful photos to accompany your verses. . .

    Susan M.


  2. Shermaine

    Hey, i AM NEW to homeschooling and being aventist. i have some insight on homeschooling but i really just started being adventist. I am lost in both. Where do I go to find suport. I feel alone.


    1. Shermaine, Try checking out the links below AHE Resources. You will find information about how to join our newsletter, email lists. Also under parent education is a link for a study group studying a book with other SDA’s about Education. Also, just read our blog and website for more information when you have time. I think you will find a lot of encouragement here.



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