The More Things Change…

houseIt is amazing to look back nearly 45 years and see what inspired a mother to make what was then considered a radical choice- to homeschool her children.   Patricia Heidenry’s article for the New York Times from 1975 –Home Is Where The School Is – is an interesting and inspiring and still relevant read.

College Webinar Today!

Don’t forget that Kaylene Chadwick, undergraduate admissions counselor at Andrews University, will be presenting a “Preparing for College” webinar today!

today-calendar-11.jpgTo make sure you are ready at 1 pm EST- download Zoom prior to the event.  Here is a reminder of the login information:

Log In (Thursday, November 12 from 1 pm to 3 pm EST):

  Webinar ID: 237 817 924

The “Preparing for College” webinar will focus on the following areas:

  • Finances—don’t settle! Learn how your child can afford the college of their choice.
  • Academics—learn which courses are right for your child and how they can be academically ready.
  • Mentally prepared—every new educational phase is different. Discover the best way for your child to make the transition!
  • Q & A segment—a chance for you and your child to ask questions and prompt additional discussions.

Updated General Conference SDA Homeschoolers Meetup Information

There will be just ONE group ‘field trip’ to the Alamo on Wednesday, July 8th at 8:45am.      Look for the  SDA Homeschoolers sign  to the left of the main entrance.   Admission to the Alamo is free.   We look forward to fellowship time with you!

There will also be ONE meetup on Thursday, July 9th at 9:30am in the Convention Center.   Meeting room number to be announced.   Rob Weaver from the Assoc. of Adventist Colleges and Universities will be at our meetup to discuss SDA college admissions for homeschool students.   A VERY helpful handout has been prepared with all basic SDA college admissions information in one place!  Don’t miss out!

It doesn’t matter if your children are not middle or high school aged, we want to spend time visiting with you!  There will be time for parents to get to know each other. The youngers will enjoy participating in the postcard swap!   Bring postcards from your state or country to trade with other children to create a fun collection!

SA postcard

Connect with other SDA Homeschoolers

The Adventist Home Educator offers ways to connect with SDA homeschool families beyond just the website and blog.  We invite you to join us!


The AHE-List is a place for Adventist homeschoolers to come together for friendly and informative discussion about home education from birth through high school. With an emphasis on true education, we share our ideas and experiences relating to teaching methods, learning styles, scheduling, curriculum choices and many other homeschooling topics. This is a place where we can help others along their homeschooling journey and also learn some new things ourselves. To join or learn more, visit:

 Connect with SDA Homeschoolers from around the world!

Connect with SDA Homeschoolers from around the world!


AHE-Living is a friendly place for sharing encouraging words as we work together to create grace-filled, loving homes and pure hearts for the Kingdom. This is a place to visit about child rearing, home decorating, healthy cooking, health and wellness, family relationships, spiritual growth and family worships, sewing and crafts, gardening and flowers, and other topics near and dear to our hearts. As God’s children, we understand that He has placed us exactly where He wants us to be at this moment in time, and goes with us daily as we walk with Him and develop a relationship that draws us even closer to Jesus. This is a supplemental group affiliated with Adventist Home Educators; a place where we can discuss all aspects of Christian living. You will need to be a member of the AHE-list in order to join. To join or learn more, visit:


AHE-Swap is an email list where we can buy and sell or swap homeschooling or household items among friends. To join, you must be subscribed to the AHE e-Newsletter or the AHE-List. Subscription information is sent with the welcome letters on each list and with monthly reminders.


Supporting SDA Homeschoolers

The goal of  Adventist Home Educators is to provide support, information especially for Seventh-day Adventist homeschool families.  Have you taken advantage of the resources available?  Click on the links below to find out more.


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