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The Special Gift

Yesterday was a strange day.  Seemed like everyone around me was having a rough time.  Called a company to take care of some business and the staff was so overwhelmed and flustered that they ended up having to call me back three times before all was handled properly.  A friend had gone out-of-town and forgotten an important chore could I go complete the task?  A call for help to find a lost item.  This went on all day long!

When I caught a moment to think and catch my breath, I started thinking.  All of those various people in various places had one thing in common yesterday an interaction with me.  Was that interaction a blessing to them?  Was that interaction an oasis of peace in an otherwise crazy-busy day?

During this holiday season I expect to encounter many more harried, frazzled people.  I am prayerfully determined to give each person a special gift: kindness.  Costs me nothing to be patient with the tired store attendant.  Costs me nothing to express appreciation to the delivery man who knocks at my door.  Costs me nothing to use pleasant tone of voice when making an appointment over the phone.  Costs me nothing to hold the door open just a moment longer so the straggler can slip inside.

Sometimes my own busyness causes me to be thoughtless and self-centered.  I get wrapped up in my own super long to-do list.  I’m asking the Lord to help me to be more deliberate in showing an extra bit of love to those who need it this time of year.  Will you join me?

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Pathfinder Honors as Spiritual Unit Studies

EGW honorThere are several Pathfinder honors in the Spiritual Growth, Outreach & Heritage category that would make interesting quarter or semester-long spiritual unit studies for middle to high school age students.  Some of the honors in this category include Adventurer for Christ, Bible Marking, Sanctuary and Literature Evangelism.  You can find all of these honors and more HERE.

temperance honor

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Motivation Monday

fabric“Students should be taught that they are not independent atoms, but that each one is a thread which is to unite with other threads in composing a fabric. In no department can this instruction be more effectually given than in the school home. Here students are daily surrounded by opportunities which, if improved, will greatly aid in developing the social traits of their characters. It lies in their own power so to improve their time and opportunities as to develop a character that will make them happy and useful. Those who shut themselves up within themselves, who are unwilling to be drawn upon to bless others by friendly associations, lose many blessings; for by mutual contact minds receive polish and refinement; by social intercourse, acquaintances are formed and friendships contracted which result in a unity of heart and an atmosphere of love which is pleasing in the sight of heaven.”

Testimony Treasures Volume 2, Page 437

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Motivation Monday

“God desires both parents and teachers to train children in the practical duties of every-day life. workEncourage industry. Girls—and even boys who do not have outdoor work—should learn how to help the mother. From childhood, boys and girls should be taught to bear heavier and still heavier burdens, intelligently helping in the work of the family firm. Mothers, patiently show your children how to use their hands. Let them understand that their hands are to be used as skilfully as are yours in the household work. Often a fretful infant or a sick child keeps the mother awake night after night. At such times how much better it is for the children to draw upon their strength than to allow the already overtaxed mother to be burdened with work that they should do. Too often the mother succumbs to disease, sometimes lying upon her death-bed before her children realize that by sharing the home burdens, they could have lessened her cares, and spared her much suffering and affliction.”


The Review and Herald – Sept 8, 1904

Service, Work

Motivation Monday

“Children and youth should be missionaries at home by doing those things that need to be done, and that some one must do. Instead of repining that you cannot do great things in some foreign missionary field, improve your opportunities in the home field, and your work will be acceptable to God. You can prove by faithful performance of the little things that seem to you unimportant, that you have a true missionary spirit. It is the willingness to do the duties that lie in your path, to relieve your overburdened mother, that will prove you worthy of being intrusted with larger responsibilities. You do not think that washing dishes is pleasant work, yet you would not like to be denied the privilege of eating food that has been placed on those dishes. Do you think that it is more pleasant work for your mother to do those things than it is for you? Are you willing to leave what you consider a disagreeable task for your care-worn mother to do, while you play the lady? There is sweeping to be done, there are rugs to take up and shake, and the rooms are to be put in order; and while you are neglecting to do these things, is it consistent for you to desire larger responsibilities? Have you considered how many times mother has to attend to all these household duties while you are excused to attend school or amuse yourself?”

The Youth’s Instructor – March 2, 1893

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Motivation Monday

“With us as parents and as Christians it rests to give our children right direction. They are to be carefully, wisely, tenderly guided into paths of Christlike ministry. We are under sacred covenant with God to rear our children for His service. To surround them with such influences as shall lead them to choose a life of service, and to give them the training needed, is our first duty.”

Ministry of Healing, 396

Devotional, Encouragement, Principles of True Education, Service, Work

Motivation Monday

“The fact that he [Christ] was without fault in his home life makes him a pattern for all children and youth. He was no less the Son of God in his quiet life at home, in faithfully serving his parents at Nazareth, than while healing the sick, and in raising the dead.

“Important lessons can be here drawn for children and youth, that they cannot be employed in a more noble work than in performing their duty to their parents. They are no less engaged in the work of God, acknowledged and recorded by the heavenly angels as such, in faithful, filial obedience, than in a more public and more responsible position of later days. Youth can serve God as faithfully in the submission of their wills to their parents, and in the filial discharge of the every-day duties of life, as in the house of God.”

Youth’s Instructor, March 1, 1873