Remember the Alamo! {Homeschool Field Trip}


Wednesday, July 8th at 8:45am

Our group homeschool ‘field trip’ to the Alamo happens in LESS than a week.   Hurrah!   Meet up to the left of the main entrance at 8:45am.  Look for the SDA Homeschoolers sign.    Admission to the Alamo is free, so get ready to learn while enjoying fellowship with new SDA homeschool friends.



Updated General Conference SDA Homeschoolers Meetup Information

There will be just ONE group ‘field trip’ to the Alamo on Wednesday, July 8th at 8:45am.      Look for the  SDA Homeschoolers sign  to the left of the main entrance.   Admission to the Alamo is free.   We look forward to fellowship time with you!

There will also be ONE meetup on Thursday, July 9th at 9:30am in the Convention Center.   Meeting room number to be announced.   Rob Weaver from the Assoc. of Adventist Colleges and Universities will be at our meetup to discuss SDA college admissions for homeschool students.   A VERY helpful handout has been prepared with all basic SDA college admissions information in one place!  Don’t miss out!

It doesn’t matter if your children are not middle or high school aged, we want to spend time visiting with you!  There will be time for parents to get to know each other. The youngers will enjoy participating in the postcard swap!   Bring postcards from your state or country to trade with other children to create a fun collection!

SA postcard

Homeschool Field Trip to the Alamo During GC – Join Us!

Alamo_panoSpend a morning with other SDA homeschoolers from around the world- join us for a SDA homeschool field trip to the Alamo during the General Conference Session!

This is a unique opportunity to meet and fellowship with other Seventh-day Adventist homeschool families while enjoying a tour of the historic Alamo.

There are two field trip dates planned:

  SUNDAY, JULY 5TH  @ 8:45AM


             WEDNESDAY, JULY 8TH @ 8:45AM

 We will gather to the left of the main entrance (look for a sign) at 8:45am.   The Alamo opens at 9:00 and we can tour together.


Mark your calendar and plan to join us!






The Bird Count is Coming – Mark Your Calendars!

GBBCblogbutton_En_1_2014The Great Backyard Bird Count begins in just under a month.    This is an awesome opportunity for your homeschoolers to make an impact on science!
Launched in 1998 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, the Great Backyard Bird Count was the first online citizen-science project to collect data on wild birds and to display results in near real-time.

The bird count is easy, fun and is an excellent foundation for a unit study on birds!  We will feature many resources to help you plan and build an exciting and interesting nature study for your children.   Visit The Backyard Bird Count site to learn more and get started with this great project!

2014 Adventist Agricultural Conference

An interesting learning opportunity starts tomorrow: the 2014 Adventist Agricultural Conference – Returning to our “Roots”.

Close-up mid section of woman holding soilThis conference will be live-streamed Nov. 12-16th.  One of the seminars sounds like it may be of interest to many AHE readers: “Back to School: The ABCs of Agriculture in Childhood Education” presented by Joshua White.

To find out more and sign up for the free livestream of this conference, click HERE.



Partial Solar Eclipse on October 23rd

A partial solar eclipse viewable in most of North America will occur on Thursday, October 23rd.  How much of the eclipse that you will be able to see will depend on whether you are on the western or eastern side of North America.   This ScienceAtNasa video explains:

Those of you outside of North America- don’t feel left out- a total solar eclipse visible from Greenland, Iceland, Europe, North Africa, and northwestern Asia will occur on March 20, 2015.



Why You Should Attend – A GYC Testimony

Thank you to AHE Mom Tami  for sharing her family’s experiences with GYC.

GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) is a conference once a year that is for a targeted age group of 18-35 in the Seventh day Adventist church.   However, did you know a lot of families also attend as well as older folk??  It is true!!  I would encourage you to check out the GYC website and click on the ‘At the Cross’ convention box on the main page for more details on this year’s conference.  This year it will be held in Phoenix, AZ,  December 31, 2014—Jan 4, 2015.  For those of us on the west coast this is GOOD news!

When our family attended GYC for the first time 7 yrs ago my husband and I were shocked.  We had no idea that there was that many young adults (thousands of them) in the Adventist church that were wanting to do more than just go to church every week!   These kids were on fire for the Lord and we were amazed and thrilled to see this!!  We then looked at each other and said we have to go to GYC every year!  Besides hearing about what these young people are doing for the Lord, you will also have many opportunities through individual seminars speakers and evening meetings that will grow you spiritually and inspire you to be the servant the Lord wants us all to be.


The food is good and is vegan.  They provide two meals a day, breakfast and late lunch.  People that want to eat supper just go to eat at area restaurants.  There is a exhibit hall where many ministries and schools have booths.  This also gives students a opportunity to learn about several SDA colleges or academies as well as ministries.

Is there evangelism?  YES!  Half of one of the conference days there is opportunity to evangelize the city where the conference is being held.  In the past there has been health expo, door to door work, local area door to door work as well.  Last year many buses picked up conference attendees (all ages) and took them to go door to door in different communities.  Many people sign up for Bible studies….it is really amazing to hear what happens during the evangelism report that evening or the next morning in the mtg.  There no meetings for small children.  They have also had a volunteer orchestra as well as choir almost every year I believe.

We continue to attend GYC as a family vacation.  We get to see different parts of the country each year and attend a conference that continues to inspire us to grow our Christian walk with the Lord.  We hope to see each of you there this year!!  Email if you have questions:  Tami: