Keeping Organized When You Don’t Have a Schoolroom

It’s fun to scroll through pages of fabulously decorated ‘learning areas’ for homeschool room inspiration. But what if you just don’t have room to create a schoolroom? How do you keep things organized?   This very helpful article has some great suggestions for keeping school supplies in order.   Click on the image below to go directly to the article on
organized homeschool without a schoolroom

2 thoughts on “Keeping Organized When You Don’t Have a Schoolroom

  1. I am used to all 4 kids in their own desks with lots of bookshelves and closet space for our homeschool books, craft items, everything! But with baby #5 on the way, we have to convert our school room into a baby room. First time in 5 years of homeschool that we have to eliminate the schoolroom. But I know with some creativity, I can make the dining room look classy and functional. Thanks for posting some inspiration.


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