Growing With God: Curlyn’s Homeschooling Testimony

My name is Curlyn Baptiste, I’m 38 years old and I’m a single-parent homeschooling mom in NYC.

My 4-year-old daughter was with me the first two years of her life and due to financial struggles I went back into the work force and sent her to school for one year.

To my utter dismay, whenever we had morning and evening worship, there was always a fight from Baptiste familyher, not wanting to hear, sing or talk about Jesus or God.  That was not my only struggle, she would tell me that ” my friends say this and teacher say that” and whatever I say would not be of much value. That troubled me at lot, had heart to heart searching with God as to what I should do for her to retain His knowledge and learn to love Him more.

During the summer of 2013, while in training to better myself in canvassing on my days off from work, I was paired up with another single mom who was going through the same battle! Friends, my God is good and He comes in right on time!

We both realised that we wanted the same things for our daughters and ourselves spiritually.

We received valuable information about Sunlight Education Ministry, an SDA curriculum for homeschooling which solely uses the Bible as the foundation and main source for all the educational classes.  I was amazed and was even more confirmed that’s our goal when I found out all of its materials were free!!!!!!!

In October of 2013, against the wishes of my boss and my close friends, I quit my job and began homeschooling my daughter.

Friends, I’ve seen miracles happen!

Firstly, the other parent who joined me with her 4-year-old daughter, travels every day from her county to mine so that we can teach the kids! That’s a major sacrifice on her part and she is also an excellent vegan cook and medical missionary! We are schooled daily in what God requires of us in everything we do.

Secondly, my daughter has major food allergies. She is allergic to soy and other major foods, but as I chose to also become a vegan at the same time, we started introducing her to soy products and God be praised even her allergist was dumbfounded to see the positive changes in her.

Also our source of income is canvassing, and even when I can’t see God sometimes, He still comes through when I just totally rely on Him. I must say at times watching and waiting would get the better of me and I would doubt myself and God but even then He never gives up, He opens my eyes to other options even I can’t see to meet my daily needs.

Thirdly and most importantly, we has grown so much in the knowledge and walk with God!
Everyday I’m impressed by the Holy Spirit to learn more so that I can impart more. I feel so guilty when I don’t spend enough quality time myself with God everyday. My daughter is the driving force behind my walk with Him, I’ve learned from Adventist Home that kids learn more from our examples than our words so I have to know God myself to share Him with her and that’s what motivates me everyday.

Keep us in your prayers as we follow His will for us and our children that He had loaned to us.

I’m impressed to go to mission school and also looking for a country home for us, do please lift us up as we do the same for you as we travel on this journey to Glory Land.

God bless!

13 thoughts on “Growing With God: Curlyn’s Homeschooling Testimony

  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I will pray for you and your daughter. I commend you for making the decision to do what is best for the relationship with your daughter.


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