Sonlight Ministry Homeschooling Curriculum


My name is Curlyn Baptiste. I’m a single mom with a five year old daughter.
I was impressed by God to homeschool Courtney last September 2013 and started in October of said year after quitting my job.

Sonlight Education Ministry was recommended to me by one of my very trusted friends and after going through its curriculum I knew that was how God wanted me to teach my daughter not just for this life but for the life to come!!

I was residing in NYC at that time and have since moved back to my island home to use the teaching to its full potential.

Our schedule on a daily basis:

5:00am – My devotional

6:45am – worship ( with Coutts)

7:00am –  daily exercise(30-45 minutes).

8:00am- bath, breakfast preparation

8:30-9:30- breakfast.

9:45-10:00- clean up.

10:00-10:30- lesson plan.

10:30-11:30- nature discoveries
(Find, plant, create)

11:30- 12:30- lunch preparation.

12:30-1:30 -lunch and clean up.

1:30pm- household chores
Industry making

4:00pm- story time

5:00pm- coutts playtime
Mom personal time

6:00pm- dinner preparation

6:15pm- dinner, clean up

7:00pm- worship

7:30pm- bed ( Coutts)

Sunlight Education Ministry main emphasis is character building and teaching reading, writing, maths, history, music, astronomy, spelling etc through the bible.

At first I had a real struggle adjusting to the curriculums’ concept that 0-7 year olds were to taught Bible, Character, Nature, and Practical Work. It was best to leave the Reading, Arithmetic for a later time when the child had developed more mentally, physically, and spiritually.

God has been brought us a long way and had and is good to us and is blessing our feeble efforts to learn more about the Creator and his creations everyday.

2 thoughts on “Sonlight Ministry Homeschooling Curriculum

  1. hi am an advintist in Namibia and i like to educate my two teenagers at home where in namibia can i find the advintisthomeschool?


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