Snowflake Unit Study

snowflake unit studyA snowflake unit study is a fun way to add interest to cold, dark winter days.   Here are some ideas/links to get you started.

Start your snowflake learning with Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley, a self-educated farmer who became a pioneer in the field of photomicrography, photographing more than 5000 snow crystals. features a free snowflake alphabet printable perfect for phonics practice and word games.

Grab that bucket of melty beads and make snowflakes!  Since you need only the white ones, start out with a sorting game.

Coffee filter snowflakes are always fun.

Check the bookshelves at home and the library for snow/winter themed books to cuddle up and read together.   HomeschoolShare has some great book-based lapbook & notebook printables and activities to supplement your reading.

It’s always snowing on SnowDays!  This site is addictively fun!

Boy’s Life shares a way to catch a snowflake and keep it forever.  Older children may enjoy this more involved project.

Cal Tech has a great site that delves into the science of snowflakes and snow crystals.

How do snowflakes form?  The NOAA can tell you. snowflake 2 unit study

Khan Academy adds some math learning to snowflakes via video.

Start with an equilateral triangle.  Follow the directions carefully and you will have created a Koch snowflake and learned about fractals all at the same time!

Wrap up your snowflake unit by learning the hymn Whiter Than Snow.

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