Curriculum Review: My Father’s World – Creation to the Greeks

Curriculum: My Father’s World
Year: “Creation to the Greeks” Grades 2-8

My Father's World. Creation to the Greeks

I chose this curriculum this year because it it an integrated, Christian-based curriculum that covers science, history, social studies and Bible and can be used for children at various grade levels simultaneously. Also, I wanted our 3rd and 5th grade girls to study more in-depth into the old testament, which it covers. It is a 34-week curriculum with daily lesson plans that make it very easy to use. Various easily-obtainable and interesting books are required. Student notebook pages are provided. As you go along the children make a time-line of events (quite elementary), do various notebook pages and you read to them about ancient civilizations. My children really enjoyed learning about Egypt and the pyramids, mummies, etc. There are quite a few hands-one projects to do, and they don’t take very long each day. Jewish Feasts are studied in the first few months. There are plenty of hands-on activities that can be done in preparation to celebrate the feasts. The Sanctuary is also part of the curriculum and kids can make a paper model of it. Later Greek mythology is covered. They do use books like Aesop’s Fables, which we are specifically counseled to avoid, according to the Spirit of Prophecy, so we have not done that part. There are read-aloud books recommended, which did not seem to be up standard for our family, so we did not use those. They are optional. Music and art are included in the weekly program, but are also optional. They do teach Greek vocabulary words, which was interesting. There are lots of supplemental books (often available at the public library) suggested.

We have enjoyed having a curriculum where everything is laid out. A whole year on this time-period may be a bit much, but the curriculum is not heavy or full and so we have plenty of time to supplement with other topics and studies of our choice. I feel that the Bible lessons need to be supplemented. They do have the kids memorize scripture, but it is mostly passages we already know, like the ten commandments. For Bible they use “Victor Journey Through the Bible”, which is very good, but does not take long to cover. There is a story to read from the Bible itself almost every day. You have to use your own Language Arts and Math curriculum. It is not included with this curriculum.

Review by Heather K.

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