Free Scripture Songbooks

We have a special surprise for you all! A very kind lady from Scotland, UK, named Josephine Woodcock, is sharing two scripture songbooks that she has written with all of our followers.

We have uploaded the songbooks to our Google Drive and we pray that you will be blessed. Book one is titled: Bible Texts To Fortify the Mind for the Time of Trouble. Book two is titled: Bible Texts and SOP to Prepare the Heart to Survive the Storm.

If you have any questions or comments about the music, you can contact Josephine by email at

If you would like to hear a taste of her music, you can listen to her on her YouTube Channel, truthforfreedom7.

Josephine Woodcock, author of the shared Scripture Songbooks

Thank you Josephine for sharing your talents with our AHE Family! May God continue to bless your efforts to share His word with others!

Free Year-Long Bible Reading & Devotional Reading Resources

General Conference Youth Ministries Department – Morning Watch from 100 years ago! Here is a reprint of the December 1914 Morning Watch. The 1915 Morning Watch will be added a month at a time.

A free .pdf download of a youth devotional book from the General Conference Youth Min. Dept.  Identity devotional book.

Looking for a Bible Reading Plan for younger children? Here’s the Adventist Junior Youth Bible Year Plan.   It is a four -year plan that divides the Bible readings into themes by chapters, such as Prophecy, Praises and Peace.

Set the goal of reading through the Bible in 2014
Read through the Bible in 2015

Join others around the world and listen online to a daily reading of the Bible and read an accompanying devotional as part of the General Conference’s Revived By His Word program.  Click on the Today’s Reading icon.

An interesting Bible Study Plan from Sabbath School Net. Generally an OT and NT chaper assigned per day, with a Psalms every tenth day. Bible Reading Plan

Printable Day By Day with Jesus Bible Reading Guide from the General Conference Children’s Ministry Department –