Beyond Your Four Walls: Ideas to Expand Learning Opportunities for your Children

Looking to move beyond worksheets at your kitchen table? Perhaps there is no homeschool co-op in your area or the co-op does not meet your needs. On the hunt for interesting and different learning opportunities for your children but can’t think of anything? Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Use this list to help you search for what is available in your local area.

Zoos/Animal Preserves
-Zoology classes/tours
-Day/Summer camps
-Volunteer opportunities/Internships

Cultural Associations
-Language/culture classes
– Cooking lessons/demonstrations

Sewing/Crafting classes
– Sewing /quilting stores
– Craft stores

Orchestras/Symphonies/Music Associations
-Music lessons
-Job Shadowing/Internships

-Building supply stores
-Building trade association internships/shadowing

Jr. Master Gardener classes
-Community gardens
-Botany classes
-Beekeeping classes
-Wild edible plant classes

Jr. Master Naturalist classes
-Nature preservation projects
-Hiking clubs

National or State Parks/ Nature Preserves
-Outdoor skills
-Lecture series
-Canoeing/Boating tours/courses
-Bird watching trips
-Jr. Ranger program

4-H Club
-Everything from sewing to livestock showing to Lego robotics

Interest Club Activities
-Astronomy club sky watching outings
-Science shows/demonstrations
-Kite flying outings
-Photography groups
-Blacksmithing lessons
-Engineering clubs
-Running/5K clubs

Living History
-Reenactment groups
-Living history days at museums/historic sites

Science or Art Museums
-Day camps
-STEM classes
-Maker spaces

Local Libraries
-Craft days
-Book/Author talks
-Volunteer opportunities

Local Trade Associations
-Job Shadowing

Community/Jr. Colleges
-Dual enrollment
-Certificate courses
-Summer day camps
-Exercise classes/Open Swim
-Language classes
-Cooking classes
-Music or Art classes

Hospitals/Medical Centers
-Volunteer opportunities
-Job Shadowing
-Training courses

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