SonLight Education Ministry Update


We have completed scans of Lesson 9 of the 2-8 Grade Lessons.

They are available on the Google Drive at this time.  You will find them by clicking the link and then looking for the folder for 2-8 Grade Lessons.  Each subject should now have 9 lessons.

Feel free to share with those who would like to know!


4 thoughts on “SonLight Education Ministry Update

  1. As there are only so many hours in a day I do understand that it takes time to get everything uploaded. I am wondering if there is a way to buy physical copies of everything needed past Lesson 9? I really like this curriculum but am looking for something complete.


  2. Lyn, we do not have books printed any longer. I only have a few items of masters (not the complete curriculum, as it has not been released in full, yet). If you want to contact us by sending a message, we can discuss your needs and options we have for you.


  3. I was wondering if all the books for high school were available for download? I really like this curriculum and it has been an answer to prayer as I try to go through all the curriculums out there I find this is the one that meets our standards.


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