7 Fun Things to do with Leaf Templates

If you look around online this time of year, leaf templates abound.  Here are 7 fun things to do with those tempting templates!

leaf template1.  Keep a record of the books read by the members of your family for the month.  Write the name a  book read and a brief comment about the book on each leaf.  Cut out the leaves and string them as a garland to hang.

2. Family worship visual device.  During family worship, write prayer requests,  things you are thankful for,  people to pray for, etc. on a leaf.  Attach your leaves to branches made from construction paper.

3.  Choose a particular leaf and spend an hour learning about the tree associated with that leaf.  Write what you have learned on that leaf.

4. Find verses in the Bible that mention a leaf or leaves.  Copy your chosen verse on  a leaf.

5.  Make a lacing card.  Copy a leaf template on heavy cardstock.   Punch holes around the outline of the leaf, and add a shoelace to create a lacing activity.

6. Make a  Leaf wreath. Copy the leaf templates on colorful paper. Cut out the leaves, and glue to a paper plate with the center cut out.

7.  Trace a leaf outline lightly on a square of muslin.  Use embroidery floss to practice stitches along the leaf outline.

Here are some leaf templates to get you started:

Leaf Template Printables from Craftjr.

Leaves in various sizes from Printable Treats

Pinterest page full of leaf template options


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