A Great Month for Skywatching Homeschoolers!

Get your telescopes and binoculars out!  There will be a total lunar eclipse on October 8th and a partial solar eclipse on October 23rd.  Let’s think about the lunar eclipse first.  Here’s a short video from NASA telling what to expect.

According to NASA, various skywatchers around the world will be able to see all or parts of this lunar eclipse :

“The entire October 08 eclipse is visible from the Pacific Ocean and regions immediately bordering it. The northwestern 1/3 of North America also witnesses all stages. Farther east, various phases occur after moonset. For instance, the Moon sets during totality from eastern Canada and the USA. Observers in South America also experience moonset during the early stages of the eclipse. All phases are visible from New Zealand and eastern 1/4 of Australia – the Moon rises during the early partial phases from Australia’s west coast. Most of Japan and easternmost Asia catch the entire eclipse as well. Farther west in Asia, various stages of the eclipse occur before moonrise. None of the eclipse is visible from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.”

We’ll be sure to remind you about the partial solar eclipse happening later this month.

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