A Gentle Suggestion for Getting Started With Homeschooling

Dear new homeschooling parent,

Would you mind  a suggestion on getting started with homeschooling?  Especially those of you with younger elementary-aged children?   Okay- here it is.

Green apple on booksStart slowly.  Ease into your new schedule/lifestyle.  Start with Bible,  then a little bit of reading and math.  Perhaps 15-20 minutes each of reading or math, and then put the books away for the day. Go for a walk, play with some Legos,  paint, color – go have fun.     Save the science and history and everything else for later.  A week or two later, maybe a month later.

Going from “0 to 60”  in one day with homeschooling can very easily leave a new homeschooling parent feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.   Just because the parent manual lists 6 subjects to be taught on the first day does not mean you have to do exactly that.   The transition to homeschooling can be much easier on you and your child if you take it slow and steady.

It will all get done – trust me, it will.    It just doesn’t have to all be done TODAY.

Blessings on your homeschool journey,


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