A Fruitful Adventure



Blueberries and blackberries are ready in east Texas.  That means the you-pick farms are open.  Time to pick berries!

Heading out to a “you-pick-the fruit” farm is a great summertime field trip.   With one trip you can take time to enjoy time nature, learn up-close about how our food grows and return home with something yummy to eat!   Many you-pick farm offer a tours and  picnic areas, so plan to make a day of your fruitful adventure.

Don’t know of any you-pick farms in your area?   Pick-Your-Own is a great online directory of farms organized by U.S. state as well as 13 countries besides the U.S.   You can also ask at farmer’s markets or your local farm/feed store.


If you’ve never visited a you-pick farm before, here are a few tips:

*Wear a hat and sturdy closed toe shoes.   Save your summer sandals for later.

* Bring a cooler to transport your goodies home.

*You need your camera to capture memories of summer fun!

* Take time to ask a few questions and learn about how produce in your area is grown.






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