Curriculum Review: Lessons in Responsibility for Girls, Level 3 from Pearables


Title: Lessons in Responsibility for Girls (Quiet Arts Series) Level 3 (Age 10 & up) from Pearables

Also published as: Home Economics for Home Schoolers

This book covers some a few aspects of health, how to choose and cook vegetables and fruits, various cooking methods, how to make dessert, breakfasts, bread, etc. It also covers how to iron and do basic sewing and how to use a commercial pattern, as well as hot to organize and clean your kitchen. It ends with two chapters on hospitality. It is in black and white and has quite a few drawings throughout. The thirty chapters are short and include recipes and practical activities. Each chapter includes a story about “Patience”, a home schooled girl who was learning home economics, which makes it even more interesting for children. This is a textbook, not a workbook.

I have used this book with my 8 and 10 year old daughters this year and they have really enjoyed it. It has prompted them to try recipes they would not have been excited about otherwise, and I like the Bible verse that they have for each topic that is printed under that chapter’s picture. I felt the content was solid, useful, and well-presented. We learned unexpected things like why people are overweight or underweight, vitamins, and much more. Many of the recipes needed to be adapted for a vegetarian/vegan diet. They did try to use healthful recipes, but I felt they could be much more healthful, so we often used our own recipes. There is a chapter on choosing healthy snacks, like popcorn, so I think we just thought of those as part of a meal.

All in all I would highly recommend this book, even for those who have already taught their kids some cooking and sewing, like I had. It definitely expanded our horizons. I wish we’d done the other two levels when they were younger, as we’ve enjoyed this one so much.
Review by Heather K.

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One thought on “Curriculum Review: Lessons in Responsibility for Girls, Level 3 from Pearables

  1. Thank you for this review! This is another resource that I’ve wondered about–actually the boy’s version. This really helps!


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