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What it is: is a website where you can practice typing speeds while memorizing scripture.  If you have a desire to increase the speed of your child’s typing ability, you can do this while memorizing scripture at the same time.  There are many options you can choose from to personalize the experience for you or your child.  You will need to create an account to save your progress and take advantage of the review options.

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SDA Notes:

Because this program uses scripture and not spiritual thoughts, it is a safe place to have your child practice typing.  There should be no worries of tainted views on scripture.

My Thoughts:

My daughter was looking for some typing practice to increase her wpm in which she had a prerequisite for a college class.  Because we updated to Windows 8, our typing program was no longer working.  I looked online and found several typing programs, but the material being practiced wasn’t always something that I could say was edifying for her to dwell on.  I was pleased when another homeschool Mom shared this site with us as it fit everything my daughter needed to increase her skills and it also kept me happy as a Mom, to know that her thoughts would be dwelling on something that would also help her spiritual walk as well.

Review by Melissa B.

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5 thoughts on “; Website Review

  1. Love Scripture Typer! Just wanted to add that you can purchase the Scripture Typer app to use on an iPad, but the format is different. In the app, instead of typing the whole verse out, you only type the first letter of each word. Wonderful for memory practice, but not good for typing practice like the regular web site is.


  2. I love it. I have over 400 verses memorized since the middle of February on Scripture Typer. My typing speed went from 35 words a min up to 70 or higher depending on how well I know the material. I think it’s a wonderful tool. There is also a new program called Memory Typer. If you have SOP quotes or school material that needs to be memorized it can uploaded to the new program. I haven’t actually tried it out yet.


  3. LOVE Scripture Typer too, and the app. I use the app exclusively. Initally I used it as typing practice for my older children but now we mostly use it to review the verses we have learned.


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