Review: Easy Grammar Plus

Easy Grammar Plus by Wanda C. Phillips

Review by: Melissa B.

Product Description:  Easy Grammar Plus is part of the series Easy Grammar.  It is a one year grammar program for Grades 7 and up.  There is a Student Workbook and a Teacher’s Guide.  The Teacher’s Guide contains reproducible pages of the Student Workbook.  You can copy the pages, or use them directly from the Teacher’s Guide or purchase the separate Student Workbook. The program consists of mastering the prepositions first, as they are the hardest for many to figure out.  Then the other grammar concepts are worked on.  There is a lot of review allowing for concepts not to be lost: each day you do one worksheet, cumulative review, test, or cumulative test.  This program is one where your child can work on their own quite easily with minimal parent involvement.  The program uses underlining, circling, and labeling to identify the parts of speech.  It does not use the diagramming tree that some other programs use.

SDA Notes:  Nothing objectionable.

My Thoughts:  We used this during one year (with journaling and other writing assignments) of their high school years for a refresher of grammar.  (Each child used it a different year, one 12th, one 11th, and another 9th grade.)  We did not use the previous Easy Grammar products and jumping into Easy Grammar Plus was not a problem for my three daughters who used it.  We had used Winston Grammar in 7th grade to cover grammar and we found the programs were similar with how they identified the parts of speech.   My daughters were able to work independently.  We copied pages from the Teacher’s Guide for two children and I found that was inconvenient and keeping the papers together was difficult.  For my third child, I bought the Student Workbook and was more than happy to pay the extra, it made both of us happier.  I think that having a Student Workbook separate from the Teacher’s Guide also decreases the temptation to cheat.  We found the program fit our learning goals without being overly complicated, we were happy with it and plan to use this again with other children.

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