The Sowers Series: David Livingstone by John Hudson Tiner

Title:  David Livingstone, African Explorer (The Sowers Series).

Author:   John Hudson Tiner

Product Description:  This is a soft-cover, 191 page book describing the life and adventures of David Livingstone, missionary, scientist and explorer.  He determined to open up a path to the interior of Africa and persevred despite tremendious obstables.  This book gives insight into his spiritual life, as well as fascinating details of his journeys and relationships with the people around him. It was written to inspire young people and aquaint them with Christians of character from long ago. It includes some drawings and a map for reference.  For ages 9 to 14.

SDA Notes: I can’t think of something of particular interest here.

My Thoughts:  I read this aloud to our seven and nine year old girls and we all enjoyed it. It was riveting and gave us real insight into the hardships of live in the 1800’s and a great example of piety, perseverance and persistence. I would highly recommend it.

Review by:  Heather K.

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