Hymn Study Ideas and Resources

The study of hymns is an interesting way to add music to your home school curriculum.  Hymn study can be made simple or detailed – tailored to fit your family.   Getting started with a hymn study is very simple.

*  Choose the number of hymns that you would like to study for the year.  Some families choose just one for the month, others like to focus on two or three at one time.  Perhaps you want to focus on the hymns of one particular author or follow a particular theme. You could select the hymns sung by church pioneers  or choose to learn  new hymns to add to your family’s worship repertoire.

* The elements of your hymn study do not always have to be the same.  There are so many elements to study:
Author of the hymn
Composer of the music
History of the tune if is a traditional tune
Scriptural reference that goes with the tune
Date and circumstances behind the hymn
The hymn as poetry
Memorize the hymn
Learn to play the hymn on whatever instrument you choose
Object lessons that the hymn may teach
Using the lyrics for handwriting practice/copy work
Listening to both instrumental and vocal versions of the hymn

*  Gather resources.  In addition to the church hymnals that are available through the Adventist Book Center, there are lots of other resources that are helpful to preparing a hymn study.

Adventist Book Center – Don’t forget there is a companion book to the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal that gives background information for each hymn.  There is also Early Advent Singing, which includes a history and story about each hymn from early Adventist history.

The SDA Digital Hymnal website is a collection of midi files and other resources based on the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal.
TheCyber Hymnal website contains over 8,000 hymns.  It is an excellent hymn study resource with lots of author and composer biographies.

Hymns for Kid’s Heart features free sheet music as well as free mp3 files for a nice selection of hymns.  You can also purchase the full-featured book that includes author biographies and a devotional for each hymn.

The best free hymn study resource that I’ve found on the web is the Squidoo lens by  blogger and  homeschooling mom, Jimmie.  She shares some great free hymn study note booking pages that she created, as well as a web page full of good ideas.

Here is  a printable/downloadable .pdf  version of this post  to add to your notes:   Hymn Study pdf

One thought on “Hymn Study Ideas and Resources

  1. Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for this excellent post on studying hymns! You have inspired me to take this on as part of our homeschooling! Wonderful ideas! Really appreciate it!
    Thanks so much again and God bless your family!


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