Great Resource: The Bible Story Curriculum

Do you have the Uncle Arthur Bible Story books?  Here’s a great free resource to accompany the series.   This two-part curriculum is designed for classroom use, but is a great source of ideas for creative worships and Bible lessons.  It is designed to be an 8 year program. The links are below in bold.

DOWNLOAD NOTE: The documents are large, the first set is 293 pages!

This South Pacific Division elementary Bible curriculum was developed by and for Pacific Island Adventist schools. This teacher’s guide includes lesson or story plans to accompany Uncle Arthur’s Bible Story series, Volumes 1-6. Concise, clear, adaptable, utilizing multiple intelligences, this Adventist religious education resource is free of copyright, ready for use or translation. See also the companion  Pacific Island Bible Story Plans 7-10

7 thoughts on “Great Resource: The Bible Story Curriculum

  1. This is such an amazing resource! I downloaded it and have one question, hopefully you can answer. It says this is an 8 year program, so I am assuming that year 1 is grade 1 and year 8 is grade 8? Or is year 1, Kindergarten? Thanks!


      1. Contact the Education Department of the South Pacific Division of SDAs. This was created by teachers in the division several years ago, so that would be the best place to start making inquiries.


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