Going for a Walk?

Taking a walk is one of the easiest ways to add nature study to your homeschool program. As we leave summer and head towards fall, now is a great time to head outdoors and observe the change in seasons.  You don’t have to hike in a forest;  a walk down a neighborhood sidewalk or stroll in a local park is an excellent start.

Make your next walk extra special by using these ideas for nature scavenger hunts.  Employ your senses, start nature collections or  take photographs using these fun printables as a guide.  They are also great for making a Sabbath afternoon walk more enjoyable as well.

Nature Scavenger Hunt–  three printable pages of ideas on what to collect, photograph and look for.

Nature Bingo – a fun sheet with specific things to look for. ( Be sure not to TOUCH the poison ivy if you find it!)

Another Nature Bingo – this one has two different cards with more general items to search for.

Winter Nature Hunt – Collect points for all the winter nature items you find.

Nature A to Z – this nature hunt will require some creative thinking!

Let’s Go Outside – this printable from the US Fish &Wildlife Service encourages using your senses during your scavenger hunt and gives fun nature photography ideas.

Enjoy your time outside!

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