Create A Christian Character Traits Unit Study

Creating a Christian character traits lapbook would make an excellent Bible-based unit study or special activity-based worship series for your family.  The Character lapbook page at Homeschool Share has some great ideas and printables to get you started.  Homeschool Helper Online also has Character Studies resources.   Pick and choose from among these free resources to create a study that suits your family’s needs.

Mission Quarterly Fun

Cover of  the SDA Mission Quarterly from  4th quarter, 1947
Cover of the SDA Missions Quarterly from 4th quarter, 1947

A popular unit study topic with SDA homeschoolers is  Adventist missions.   Enliven your study by looking through SDA mission quarterlies from as early as 1912.  What an exciting way to bring church history to life!

The General Conference Archives contains nearly 100 years  of past quarterlies in digital form. Click HERE to go directly to the Archives listing of available quarterlies.