The REAL Reason Why Children Fidget

Saw this blog post (linked below) and couldn’t help but think of this quote:

New Born Lamb“During the first six or seven years of a child’s life, special attention should be given to its physical training, rather than the intellect. After this period, if the physical constitution is good, the education of both should receive attention. Infancy extends to the age of six or seven years. Up to this period children should be left, like little lambs, to roam around the house and in the yards, in the buoyancy of their spirits, skipping and jumping, free from care and trouble” – Ellen White

WHY CHILDREN FIDGET: And what we can do about it

More on Moore

Last week’s post on Delayed Academics mentioned the late Dr. Raymond Moore several times.  For those who are not aware, not only was Dr. Moore considered to be the father of the modern homeschooling movement, he and his wife Dorothy were also Seventh-day Adventist.   His homeschooling methodology is a practical application of the True Education principles taught in Spirit of Prophecy.

Ellen Dana from the Moore Academy was interviewed by in 2009 about the Moore Formula and delayed academics.   In addition  The Moore’s daughter , Kathy Kordenbrock, was also interviewed.   These podcasts are timeless and invaluable inspiration for both new and veteran homeschool families.  Listen and gain a clearer understanding of how delayed academics and the Moore Formula can be a blessing in your home.

Dorothy & Raymond Moore Homeschooling Series

The podcasts are also available on itunes – look for thatmom’s podcasts 93-100.