Keys To Homeschooling Success ~ Key Five

Keys to SuccessGive your homeschooling to God

Please don’t dismiss this last key as a trite phrase. Turning over our homeschooling to God is the most important key when it comes to homeschooling success. It goes without saying that as Seventh-day Adventist homeschoolers, we want to give our children a solid Christian education, however choosing an evolution-refuting science book is not enough. Giving every aspect of our homeschooling to God has to be a deliberate decision. Allowing God to be the superintendent over your family’s school must be a conscious choice. God desires to give us divine guidance in our efforts to educate our children, but sometimes in the excitement of organizing a learning space and ordering materials, we forget to put Him at the center of our planning. Present your budget for materials, the support system you need, even the disapproving family members to God. Spend some staff development time with our Creator becoming the teacher He wants you to be. God wants to bless your homeschool. Let Him.



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