Keys to Homeschooling Success ~ Key Three

Give Yourself an Out

Keys to SuccessDon’t paint yourself into a corner with an overly strict schedule/routine. Building too tight of a schedule is a recipe for disappointment when the unexpected gets in the way. Lack of breathing room will also increase the chances of early burnout and decrease the chances of spontaneous teachable moments. Plan a little flex-time into your program. Sooner or later, you will need that extra time.

When I am making my lesson plans, I often leave a week open every six weeks or so for catching up or reorganizing if needed. Alternately, I will leave one math assignment open this week, a grammar lesson open the next, and science module open the third week. If we need that unscheduled time for catching up or re-teaching, the time is available. If it is not needed, we just keep moving. Think of the open time slot as a safety release valve. If you need a day off to regroup or catch up on the laundry- just consider it ‘staff -development’ time.

4 thoughts on “Keys to Homeschooling Success ~ Key Three

  1. Thank you, nicely put. I just want to add a comment. There are two days in the week for which we have instruction. I always ask my children on Friday morning, “What has God asked us to do today?” The answer is PREPARE! This year I have scheduled the basic subjects Mon-Thursday, leaving Friday open for preparing and fun stuff, like an art class and our literature based things. I need their help and I’m sure there is a blessing for them if they come along side me to be ready for the Sabbath. Anything they haven’t finished can be quickly caught up on Sunday morning. This schedule might take us longer to get through everything, but it will help us have that wiggle room you described in your post. I like it!


  2. I agree Laura! I like to keep Fridays very short and really have the focus be on Preparation Day! It does take a bit longer to get through the school year, but, it is doable! Thank you for the “catch-up” day suggestions! I like that!


  3. Hi moms I new in this homeschool thing
    Me and my husband decide to do it for my kindergarden boy Stephano but I really need help I do not what do to, where to buy the books, registration, etc, etc
    Somebody can help me please


    1. Hi Melisa,
      My first suggestion would be to check the laws and regulations for homeschooling in your state/province/region. You want to make sure you are following the laws for your area.

      Next, think about how your son learns. What is his learning style. Is he a hands-on learner(kinesthetic), does he learn well by listening(auditory), etc. That will help you to find the materials that match his learning style.
      Your son is young, a simple gentle start to learning is best. Does he like birds? Then I would start by getting some library books on birds to read together and enjoy. Add in a few bird crafts, and a trip to the zoo to look at birds. Simple and gentle. Think about what he likes and start with those things.

      If the laws where you are require a more structured program, then consider some of the materials listed in the Curriculum Guide. You can download the Curriculum Guide HERE.

      I invite you to join our email group to talk with other mothers and get their suggestions for materials that they find useful. To join or learn more, visit:


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