Why True Education?

Why should we as Seventh-day Adventist families seek out and strive to follow the principles of True Education? First and foremost, because it follows the principles laid out in the Bible. The Bible is our sure and safe guide for educating our children. We can never go wrong if we choose to make the Bible the foundation of our homeschooling efforts. Those same ideals are amplified in the Spirit of Prophecy.

A secular educational program has individual achievement and acclaim as its goal. True Education seeks to lead our children’s hearts and minds to higher, more eternal ideals. Why settle for an education that allows a child to “…gain the whole world but lose his own soul” (Mark 8:36)?

True Education is education for the whole person. It develops not only the intellectual faculties, but also the physical and spiritual parts as well. Don’t we want our children to be fully developed in all areas of their lives? As you seek to follow the principles of True Education, it will quickly become clear that it is not simply a philosophy or curriculum, it is a way of life that will deeply enrich all aspects of your family life.

Suggested reading to learn more about True Education- available free online:
Child Guidance
Fundamentals of Christian Education

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