Questions to Ask Your Kids

building character

Questions to Ask Your Kids (and Yourself!) That Inspire Character Development
1. Did you make someone smile today?
2. What did you do today that was hard?
3. Where did you see good today?
4. Where did you do good today?
5. Do you have anything you did today that you regret?
6. Did you tell someone thank you today? What for?
7. Were there any tough situations today that you weren’t quite sure how to handle? What did you do?
8. Tell me something nice about one of your friends. Encourage them to tell that friend also.
9. Were you honest about something today that was hard for you to be truthful about?
10. Where did you see God today?
11. What did you feel grateful about today?
12. How did you experience joy today?
13. Was there a time you had to be patient today?
14. Did you have the opportunity to be a servant leader today?
15. Where did you need someone else to have grace with you today?
16. Did you need to show courage in any way today?
17. Who did you reach out to today?
18. When did you show self-control?

Thank you, Amy, for sharing!

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