Motivation Monday

“Thy gentleness hath made me great.” [Psalm 18:35.] The gentleness, forebearance, longsuffering, mercy, and patience have greater power than you imagine. God wants us to cultivate that side of the question. If justice and its twin sister mercy do not stand together, it is a terrible thing. You want the world and whatever you are connected with. …

You need not be afraid of manifesting weakness of character in being too merciful. I will risk everyone of you, that you will not be too merciful, too compassionate, or too sympathetic for the erring. What we want is the Spirit of Christ interwoven into our everyday experience. You want it when you rise in the morning, you want it at noon, and you want it at night. You want it continually, so that it shall be an abiding principle as with Daniel—the abiding principle of fearing God let the consequence be what it may.

MR Vol. 9, pg 55

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