Sabbath Playlist ~ Easy 10 Commandments Memory Game

Kaboom is a fun game we play in my Sabbath School class to help us with our 10 Commandments memorization project.   Totally easy to set up and play.

You need popsicle sticks or strips of cardstock paper, and a pen.  That’s it.

I wrote the numbers 1-10 on 10 sticks, and a brief summary of each commandments on 10 more sticks.  I wrote ‘KABOOM’ on 4 or 5 other sticks.

I divide my Sabbath School class into groups and each group draws a stick from a cup or jar.   They either have to explain which commandment the number refers to, or tell the number of the commandment the summary is talking about.   If the answer is correct, they get to keep the stick.

If a group draws a KABOOM stick, they have to give up all of the sticks they have earned so far.  The game is essentially endless because the KABOOM stick means someone will always be starting over.    I watch and gauge to see if everyone has had an opportunity to participate and learn before I call time for the game.

We’ve been able to learn the 10 commandments quite quickly with this review game!  You can change the topic to whatever you want to learn.



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